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Our company operates in the area of providing recreational apartments in Nea Kallikratia Chalkidiki 30 years. Nea Kallikratia is located 40km from Thessaloniki and 20km from Macedonia airport. We are a family business whose first goal is to serve the customer. In the fully renovated 3-storey building, there are 15 self-catering apartments ready to meet the needs of our customers and make you feel like home.

Dimitriadis Georgios – Manager

Our story

the start
The beginning of the family business under the name "Panagiota" Apartments by Georgios Dimitriadis and Panagiota Dimitriadou the elders.
Complete Renovation of the Building and the Apartment Areas (Indoor / Outdoor)
Continue the recreation services at a new management. From Giorgos Dimitriadis and Panagiota Dimitriadis the younger ones. Young people, new ideas, the same goal. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.